New debut single ‘Easier’ by Yulanda Sabrina – the song of Summer 2020.

Yulanda Sabrina’s debut single ‘Easier’ is the song of Summer 2020. 
London, UK – Croydon-based singer Yulanda Sabrinahas released her debut single ‘Easier’ on May 8th 2020.
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Heavily inspired by current R’n’B genius such as6lack, Ari Lennox, SZA & Jhene Aiko; Yulanda draws on her own personal life lessons & writespassionately from her soul. ‘Easier’ is a perfect representation of Yulanda Sabrina’s music; it is asensual layering of relaxed but evocative vocals conjuncted with interesting, synthy, bass heavy beats inducing the desire to just kick back & allow the melodies to bathe you.
Yulanda Sabrina has been nurturing her songwriting talents as far back as she can remember. Bornto creative parents, Yulanda honed in on her musical gifts from a young age & went onto study hercraft at the world famous BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology. Yulanda’s musical careertook her on a world tour as a backup singer to Lily Allen and included a brief deal with a majorrecord label. Now, with the release of ‘Easier’ Yulanda finally gets her voice heard on her own terms.Yulanda’s musical ear is evolved & impressive allowing her to engineer and arrange her own vocalsfrom home as she quotes “that’s where her heart is”.
‘Easier’ debuts at a time when heartfelt, soulful music is needed more than ever. The fresh,homegrown sound makes this single the sound of summer 2020.

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