Dax disrupts the Internet with “Joker” music video Inspired by Joaquin Phoenix

 (Los Angeles, CA) Fresh off his XXL The Break Presents feature, Dax is disrupting theInternet once again with another impactful visual.Known for shaking the music industry with his keen, precise lyrics and cinematic videos,Joker does not disappoint. According to XXL “ with his aggressively earnest raps and apassion to continue building upon what he’s created to date, Dax is showing no signs ofslowing up.”
Dax’s latest music video Joker plays homage to Oscar winning actor, Joaquin Phoenix inhis performance as Arthur Fleck in the 2019 box office hit, Joker. Dax his own uniqueapproach to the subject matter of mental health and online bullying. He utilizes the clowncharacter to unleash a verbal exorcist. “Joker” is a theatrical lyrical performance layingbare all the internal thoughts many in the spotlight harbor. Dax puts on a stellarperformance, transforming into a psychotic clown becoming more maniac as the songprogresses. As he performs, he raps about the hateful trolls and the effects it has onones health.
Simultaneously with the release of the music video, Dax and his indie label LivingLegends Entertainment will launch a website delivering a powerful message againstCyber Bullies, check it out here JoinMyCircus.com. Dax brings awareness to the veryimportant issues of mental health and social media bullying which are driving the suiciderate higher each year. Joker, gives an amplified perspective, yet conveys the severity ofhow this issue affects someone. Check out the video below.Check out Dax New Video “Joker – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-KJV5r_cho
Check out Dax in Billboard.com (COVID 19 Rap)Twitter: @thatsdaxIG: @thatsdax

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