Carla Prata Releases a new EP – Roots With featured track Owner

I’d like to introduce you to CARLA PRATA, a 20 years old English born and African descent singer and songwriter. Carla started writing and producing when she was only 13 year old after getting a professional microphone, an interface and a midi from her father getting even more passionate about it when she started studying music engineering in London at the age 15.

Although Carla’s career started with RnB, she also spent time in her teenage years in Angola and Lisbon which made her get not only the urban vibes from London but the African ones such as naija and dancehall riddims. That’s why now Carla Prata releases her third EP called ROOTS which is an African fusion of naija, dancehall riddims with RnB and Brazilian Funk.

The cover of ROOTS is a photo taken in London with 2 mail stamps: an English and an Angolan one. The symbolism present in this EP is the mirror of Carla’s intention to share more of herself with the public by presenting  and celebrating her musical and life influences.

The EP includes 7 tracks and features the prestigious Brazilian rap group 3030 and the Angolan rapper Paulelson, and includes her latest single “OWNER”, which is in English, The lyrics of this song were carefully written in order to express as clear as possible Carla’s mindset at this stage of her life.

Even though only 2 tracks are in English this is a very international sound EP with Burna Boy and WizKid as influences as well as the






CARLA PRATA is already a renown urban artist in Portugal; PRATA has 3 Million views in the Youtube video of the single “Só Uma Vibe” with one of the top rappers in Portugal, Dengaz, more than 1 Million views on her single “Copacabana” which played in all of the biggest radio stations. Carla Prata also performed at NOS ALIVE, one of the biggest music festivals in Portugal that attracts public from all over the world, she performed on July 12nd of 2019 a day attended by 43.000 people.

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