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Victor Dahlberg debut album Letters from Spain si=j-L5ltGTS5i6kY6CSb2xMw

This independent and professional produced album will blow you away. Considering it is the first ever album from Victor. With a blend of Americana, Jazz and Singer songwriter Victor is creating something that stands out.

He is already receiving thousands of listenings on Spotify, and the reviews are stunning. Some think about John Mayer when they hear the songs, and we totally agree.

Here is some of the reviews from artists, managers and professional music people;

“Wonderful track” – Found
“Great sound, very well produced and polished. The piano sounds great. – Found”
“Live Now has a great vibe the production is amazing as well as the vocals and Lyrics” – Live now
“Love the jazzy vibe , great mastering” – Live now
“Really cool instrumental, the lyrics is nice, I like the song!” – Tipsy
“Great sounding track that belongs in a movie” – Tipsy
“I like the song and love the arrangement, production, and instrumental performances” – You know
“You know” has a great cool groove Victor has talent, looking forward to more music from this artist.”- “Well played, sounds like an instant classic!!!” – Cry
– “Your style of music reminds me of John Mayer” – Give

The other musicians is well known in Sweden for their excellent music that they have been playing for 15-20 years now.

The musicians:
Victor Dahlberg: Song, Guitar, choir Jerk Olenius: Piano. Jonne Bentlöv: Trumpet and Flugelhorn. Björn Jansson: Base clarinet, Baritone, Tenor and Alt Saxophone Daniel Fredriksson: Drums and Percussion Moussa Fadera: Drums Fredrik Nilsson: Upright base Stefan Dahlberg: Guitar, Mandolin, Base, Choir
Recording and Mix: Stefan Dahlberg at Dahlberg Audio
Mastering and Mix: Fredrik Martinsson at Gig studios
Graphic design: Ida DahlbergFor more information, interviews or pictures please call or email
Stefan Dahlberg,, +46 
706822692Victor Dahlberg email:
Spotify: si=j-L5ltGTS5i6kY6CSb2xMw
Additional sources: Apple music & Itunes, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Music, Tidal, Youtube MusicVictor Dahlberg is a 27 years old musician and a composer from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. He lives in Spain, and made this album during the corona pandemic. He did that by sending files back and forth to Dahlberg Audio in Sweden, where the additional music was recorded such as drums, horns, base, piano, guitars and choir, Victors song and guitars was recorded in Spain.Victor composes most of his songs on guitar and piano, and the lyrics is all about his life. The first concert he attended was at a small music festival north of Stockholm, he played mandolin in an Americana style of band just for the festival. The band members was family and friends, and Victor was only 10 years old. I think it was the start of something that has evolved to what it is today.Victor has a broad range of interest in music and are inspired by various styles such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country. He has played a lot around Sweden as a troubadour.

Victor says:
“The feeling of having an audience that interact with me is a pure joy”

“The pandemic has put a halt to live performing although the longing of playing live with fellow musicians are great”
He hope to be able to play live sometime in the fall this year. The planning of that is somewhat in progress.Musicians
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Manelik | Alternative Rock Band


Manelik is new Alternative rock band, rising out of Geneva.The band started late 2019 and has already ranked No:1 for their category in the ReverbNation charts, which is a great achievement.
Click here for the full Biography 
The band has also released their debut EP F.L.Y which has received an outstanding response from the listeners on all major platforms. Listen on Spotify Now  
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Manelik · F.L.Y.

Rollers Of Bedlam, Capture London’s Rock ’N’ Roll Vibes On Their New Video, “Sheila”

 Rollers Of Bedlam, Capture London’s Rock ’N’ Roll      Vibes On Their New Video, “Sheila”

-RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Please do not publish earlier than that-  

-Sheila is a song from “Bedlam City” EP, produced by Gordon Raphael-

Contact: Rollers Of Bedlam, 285 Camden High Street, NW1 7BX, London, UK    P: 0044 7450 636 636

 ROLLERS OF BEDLAM, London based Rock band, debut “Sheila” Music Video on Wednesday 5th August, 2020, 5 P.M. (UTC +1, British Summer Time). Lauren Savill, (on the role of Sheila), with her dynamic female rock ‘n’ roll appearance, Joey Bedlam (vocalist), screaming on a straitjacket, eight years old small Geo, smashing a guitar, Luke Byron (guitarist), drinking and smoking at the bench, Dimi Duke (bassist), busking, Luke Rendle (drummer), holding a cardboard with a message saying the world is lost, a drug dealer and a dog biting a bone, all together, composing a story of real rock ‘n’ roll, that definitely cannot go wrong.

                                             YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:

 “Sheila” is an up-tempo song from the band’s latest EP “Bedlam City”, produced by Gordon Raphael (well known for his work with The Strokes). The Video was directed by Becky Dorgan on behalf of Boo TV Productions, and it was shot mainly in Camden High Street, London. A street famous for the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic and vibes of the city.

         Rollers Of Bedlam, formed in London in 2017. Creating a fresh and unique sound which is hard to assort, with lyrics that capture social interactions of daily life and relations, Rollers, with their straight to your face attitude, can only be described as original rock music of the present age. For Full Bio, Download HD Photos, and any additional information check the band’s EPK 

   “Rollers Of Bedlam is a four-piece punk band hailing from London that immediately draws to mind The Libertines and The Strokes, but with a sloppy, frantic, and intriguing sound that is all their own. You won’t be disappointed.” 

 – Consequence Of Sound –

“I played them over and over and realized that the “Rollers” are growing to be that new punk-rock sensation”

 – Jeanie van den Brugge , A&R Capitol Records –

“They have a strong rock/ post-punk bluster all of their own. I will enjoy watching the rise of these London Street Rockers.”                                                  

  Maximum Volume Music  

Useful Links: 

Official Website  Facebook  Instagram   Twitter   YouTube   Spotify   SoundCloud   Bandcamp