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Victor Dahlberg debut album Letters from Spain si=j-L5ltGTS5i6kY6CSb2xMw

This independent and professional produced album will blow you away. Considering it is the first ever album from Victor. With a blend of Americana, Jazz and Singer songwriter Victor is creating something that stands out.

He is already receiving thousands of listenings on Spotify, and the reviews are stunning. Some think about John Mayer when they hear the songs, and we totally agree.

Here is some of the reviews from artists, managers and professional music people;

“Wonderful track” – Found
“Great sound, very well produced and polished. The piano sounds great. – Found”
“Live Now has a great vibe the production is amazing as well as the vocals and Lyrics” – Live now
“Love the jazzy vibe , great mastering” – Live now
“Really cool instrumental, the lyrics is nice, I like the song!” – Tipsy
“Great sounding track that belongs in a movie” – Tipsy
“I like the song and love the arrangement, production, and instrumental performances” – You know
“You know” has a great cool groove Victor has talent, looking forward to more music from this artist.”- “Well played, sounds like an instant classic!!!” – Cry
– “Your style of music reminds me of John Mayer” – Give

The other musicians is well known in Sweden for their excellent music that they have been playing for 15-20 years now.

The musicians:
Victor Dahlberg: Song, Guitar, choir Jerk Olenius: Piano. Jonne Bentlöv: Trumpet and Flugelhorn. Björn Jansson: Base clarinet, Baritone, Tenor and Alt Saxophone Daniel Fredriksson: Drums and Percussion Moussa Fadera: Drums Fredrik Nilsson: Upright base Stefan Dahlberg: Guitar, Mandolin, Base, Choir
Recording and Mix: Stefan Dahlberg at Dahlberg Audio
Mastering and Mix: Fredrik Martinsson at Gig studios
Graphic design: Ida DahlbergFor more information, interviews or pictures please call or email
Stefan Dahlberg,, +46 
706822692Victor Dahlberg email:
Spotify: si=j-L5ltGTS5i6kY6CSb2xMw
Additional sources: Apple music & Itunes, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Music, Tidal, Youtube MusicVictor Dahlberg is a 27 years old musician and a composer from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. He lives in Spain, and made this album during the corona pandemic. He did that by sending files back and forth to Dahlberg Audio in Sweden, where the additional music was recorded such as drums, horns, base, piano, guitars and choir, Victors song and guitars was recorded in Spain.Victor composes most of his songs on guitar and piano, and the lyrics is all about his life. The first concert he attended was at a small music festival north of Stockholm, he played mandolin in an Americana style of band just for the festival. The band members was family and friends, and Victor was only 10 years old. I think it was the start of something that has evolved to what it is today.Victor has a broad range of interest in music and are inspired by various styles such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country. He has played a lot around Sweden as a troubadour.

Victor says:
“The feeling of having an audience that interact with me is a pure joy”

“The pandemic has put a halt to live performing although the longing of playing live with fellow musicians are great”
He hope to be able to play live sometime in the fall this year. The planning of that is somewhat in progress.Musicians
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Pook Hustle to release ‘Purple: Grass Is Always Greener’ Out Now!

Listen now

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For PR enquiries:

Purple: Grass Is Always Greener serves as a segway between Pook Hustle’s debut EP Blue Tape and his upcoming sophomore EP Red Tape. Building on the introspection of the latter and generating anticipation for the former, ‘Purple’ features two songs that muse on the complexities of romantic relations, framed by the perspective of a Black man. The buoyant hook line and dynamic percussion of Sickwitit is paired with the smooth synth and spacey melodies of Budapest on this dual-track project. Both songs feature Pook Hustle’s measured, assured flow that is reminiscent of esteemed hip-hop voices such as Joey Bada$$, A$AP Ferg and J Cole.  

Speaking of the release, Pook Hustle explains: “Purple: Grass is Always Greener is about me coming to terms with my duality. Whether I’m in a relationship or single, I find myself looking at the grass on the other side. Because of that, sometimes I can forget love and become stoic, like in SickWitIt. Other times I find myself floating into a dreamy world with a partner, as in Budapest. Prior to music, I played basketball in college while pursuing education. Every now and then I ponder “What if my career as an athlete worked out? Should I go back to school?” The grass always seems greener, but I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I mention purple in the title because this serves as a bridge between my debut Blue Tape EP & my forthcoming sophomore project Red Tape EP. It’s the balance of Blue’s stimulation and Red’s calm. This project embodies me embracing my darkness and my more romantic side coming to the realization that the two traits can exist within one person.”

When Pook traded the basketball court for a recording studio, he found a new way of channeling his experiences of life as a Black man in the US into captivating energy. This Brooklyn born hip-hop prodigy does not refrain from injecting themes of politics, self-reflection and race into his music. Pook’s authentic lyrics are delivered with agile, nuanced vocals and smooth, chill-hop leaning productions. Although his career as an athlete didn’t go as planned, he’s uncovered an even greater destiny in the music industry, as his versatile and valiant sound is indicative of infinite potential.

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New debut single ‘Easier’ by Yulanda Sabrina – the song of Summer 2020.

Yulanda Sabrina’s debut single ‘Easier’ is the song of Summer 2020. 
London, UK – Croydon-based singer Yulanda Sabrinahas released her debut single ‘Easier’ on May 8th 2020.
Follow her on Instagram Click here
The single is now available on all major platforms: Click here

Heavily inspired by current R’n’B genius such as6lack, Ari Lennox, SZA & Jhene Aiko; Yulanda draws on her own personal life lessons & writespassionately from her soul. ‘Easier’ is a perfect representation of Yulanda Sabrina’s music; it is asensual layering of relaxed but evocative vocals conjuncted with interesting, synthy, bass heavy beats inducing the desire to just kick back & allow the melodies to bathe you.
Yulanda Sabrina has been nurturing her songwriting talents as far back as she can remember. Bornto creative parents, Yulanda honed in on her musical gifts from a young age & went onto study hercraft at the world famous BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology. Yulanda’s musical careertook her on a world tour as a backup singer to Lily Allen and included a brief deal with a majorrecord label. Now, with the release of ‘Easier’ Yulanda finally gets her voice heard on her own terms.Yulanda’s musical ear is evolved & impressive allowing her to engineer and arrange her own vocalsfrom home as she quotes “that’s where her heart is”.
‘Easier’ debuts at a time when heartfelt, soulful music is needed more than ever. The fresh,homegrown sound makes this single the sound of summer 2020.

For further information, please contact Indre Vela at

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Dax disrupts the Internet with “Joker” music video Inspired by Joaquin Phoenix

 (Los Angeles, CA) Fresh off his XXL The Break Presents feature, Dax is disrupting theInternet once again with another impactful visual.Known for shaking the music industry with his keen, precise lyrics and cinematic videos,Joker does not disappoint. According to XXL “ with his aggressively earnest raps and apassion to continue building upon what he’s created to date, Dax is showing no signs ofslowing up.”
Dax’s latest music video Joker plays homage to Oscar winning actor, Joaquin Phoenix inhis performance as Arthur Fleck in the 2019 box office hit, Joker. Dax his own uniqueapproach to the subject matter of mental health and online bullying. He utilizes the clowncharacter to unleash a verbal exorcist. “Joker” is a theatrical lyrical performance layingbare all the internal thoughts many in the spotlight harbor. Dax puts on a stellarperformance, transforming into a psychotic clown becoming more maniac as the songprogresses. As he performs, he raps about the hateful trolls and the effects it has onones health.
Simultaneously with the release of the music video, Dax and his indie label LivingLegends Entertainment will launch a website delivering a powerful message againstCyber Bullies, check it out here Dax brings awareness to the veryimportant issues of mental health and social media bullying which are driving the suiciderate higher each year. Joker, gives an amplified perspective, yet conveys the severity ofhow this issue affects someone. Check out the video below.Check out Dax New Video “Joker –
Check out Dax in (COVID 19 Rap)Twitter: @thatsdaxIG: @thatsdax

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Bushkin from the legendary Heartless Crew and Ceo of Bushbash Recordings has done it again, teaming up with R&B singer Sweet P to make the hit single “Man Enough”
The single released earlier this year has reached an unsurprisingly positive response on youtube and other major platforms.
The concept of the featured track is based on a man in love trying to save his relationship, after mistakes were made. He drops his guard to tell his woman how he really feels with theatrical acting in the music video.

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LARWOOD & KOH – WRONG (Official Video)

The lyrical content in this track is beyond normal.Larwood absolutely smashes the microphone with his lyrical ability in this new feature WRONG
Teaming up with producer and director KOH, the duo has really delivered a true masterpiece visually and by sound to capture your attention. 
The official video to this track was directed by Luke Dale, with masquerade styling and dark eye grabbing scenes in the background. 
This track is available to download and stream on all major platformsClick Here

LARWOOD FACEBOOK: Click here INSTAGRAM: Click here KOH INSTAGRAM: Click here LUKE DALE YOUTUBE: Click here INSTAGRAM: Click here TWITTER: Click here

LYRICS: WRONG One mic, two feet, and a song, you, me we’re not two peas in a pod 2B when I jot, to be or not to be monologues, Question, I don’t like guessing, confessions of a mind under stress, and I’m easing along Stifling tension, contentions that are leading me wrong. So tell me I’m wrong when I am on song your logic is not air right. Tell me I’m wrong when guys take five to rhyme for this long. Seminal, venom’ll infect shit and the interest lifts and rises like Kong, bare high, So tell me I’m wrong when I am on song your logic is not airtight. – The balls at my feet I’m not all I could be, but I’m more than enough and i’m fortunately, On the up and up double like 40 degrees, And it’s awfully hot, when I’m talking my breeze, And your lauding my steam, all the chalk from the cheese, Put it all on the board, like I’m schooling the team, Trynna square me a grand, like G multiplied G, that’s a million each. VIP’s what I’d dreamed I’d be but the P’s, I see, is the key, I need, I’m a bees knees guy, with a bee hive deep I got the pollen, the colony, shotting commodities honest through Sonos’ sonorous property, on CD or the Bose On TV, big screen at the Odeon, I’m honing in, like Ho-Chi-Minh, I got pseudonyms, you won’t know me inside and out Since 16, I’ve rinsed my account to push back the clock, No two hands can hold me back, I don’t need chat or feedback I’m old school like ceefax, your old news. – One mic, two feet, and a song, you, me we’re not two peas in a pod 2B when I jot, to be or not to be monologues, Question, I don’t like guessing, confessions of a mind under stress, and I’m easing along Stifling tension, contentions that are leading me wrong. So tell me I’m wrong when I am on song your logic is not air right. Tell me I’m wrong when guys take five to rhyme for this long. Seminal, venom’ll infect shit and the interest lifts and rises like Kong, bare high, So tell me I’m wrong when I am on song your logic is not airtight. – The weapon I bring, Is Syllable slinging, and letters I’ll fling, Whipping up riffs in the kitchen, I’m whisking, I’m skipping the shindig and penning a string Of lyrics in hand and fingers in pies No leg up, I’m fed up just toeing the line Wont let up unless it’s a moment divine I got faith but I don’t know God Lost, like a dodo, non- Stop on my own soap box and complacent is a no go not, If your aiming for the totum’s peak, not a trough, Cream in a coffee, brewing cream of the crop, Me and my motley crew are dreaming of a lot, Me and my posse grew up scheming on a plot, Determined from the cot
Stirring up the pot Y’heard enough to cop, The whole EP, CV, the verse the lot, cherry on top, Bet that’ll pop, ready or not, Here I come like Fugees, move please, N-O-M t-s that’s crew chique More hunger than a choosy foody, sous-vide, stewing on beats come chew me. OUTRO So what’s wrong then? Mad that you ain’t got content? It’s mad that you ain’t just content, All of this faith is a godsend, All of the fables adopted, pops said, turn all the pages that got read, Burn til the flame or the moths dead, Burn til it fades but it’s hot yet.

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Mercyboyz – Cybertruck

Content contains adult material 

With a sound that floats somewhere between dream-pop and cloud rap, Cybertruckis the lead single from this independent group’s hotly anticipated debut E.P. Mercyboyz TV Presents: Fantasia Stars.

Switching between sections and flows with laidback ease, Cybertruck journeys through themes and references that will be familiar to fans of today’s trap-inflected and futurist pop landscape. Equal doses hedonistic and surreal, the Cybertruck serves as a fitting status symbol for a generation raised in dystopia on a diet of irony and internet culture.

With robotic vocal production over a hypnotic loop of industrial drums, Cybertruck tells the story of a pleasure drive through a nameless futuristic otherworld — as depicted on the cover art by Ramona Janeliukste.

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Sikk Ivy sets a goal to resurrect the sounds of 90s, but with a modern and dark twist. New single ‘Sikk Fukk’ released June 10th

New single ‘Sikk Fukk’ released June 10th.

Sikk Ivy grew up in a small, Swedish village, where the most exciting thing to do was joining the church choir or dig for Viking artefacts. Sikk Ivy wanted more and became a natural born rebel who started exploring life and music. After finding her true purpose in life – creating music – she started working towards her dream by joining a band, touring around Sweden, and moving to Stockholm to study music. After a while the studies made her uninspired, where she was taught that there supposedly were rights and wrongs in music making – and that she was ‘too much’. Click here to check out her Bio


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Carla Prata Releases a new EP – Roots With featured track Owner

I’d like to introduce you to CARLA PRATA, a 20 years old English born and African descent singer and songwriter. Carla started writing and producing when she was only 13 year old after getting a professional microphone, an interface and a midi from her father getting even more passionate about it when she started studying music engineering in London at the age 15.

Although Carla’s career started with RnB, she also spent time in her teenage years in Angola and Lisbon which made her get not only the urban vibes from London but the African ones such as naija and dancehall riddims. That’s why now Carla Prata releases her third EP called ROOTS which is an African fusion of naija, dancehall riddims with RnB and Brazilian Funk.

The cover of ROOTS is a photo taken in London with 2 mail stamps: an English and an Angolan one. The symbolism present in this EP is the mirror of Carla’s intention to share more of herself with the public by presenting  and celebrating her musical and life influences.

The EP includes 7 tracks and features the prestigious Brazilian rap group 3030 and the Angolan rapper Paulelson, and includes her latest single “OWNER”, which is in English, The lyrics of this song were carefully written in order to express as clear as possible Carla’s mindset at this stage of her life.

Even though only 2 tracks are in English this is a very international sound EP with Burna Boy and WizKid as influences as well as the






CARLA PRATA is already a renown urban artist in Portugal; PRATA has 3 Million views in the Youtube video of the single “Só Uma Vibe” with one of the top rappers in Portugal, Dengaz, more than 1 Million views on her single “Copacabana” which played in all of the biggest radio stations. Carla Prata also performed at NOS ALIVE, one of the biggest music festivals in Portugal that attracts public from all over the world, she performed on July 12nd of 2019 a day attended by 43.000 people.

DJ G Smallz is to release another summer UKG banger this year called – Break of Dawn

G Smallz is soon to release a new UKG 2 step  banger called Break of Dawn in time for summer 2020. The sound brings you back to the late 90s and early 2000s with its heavy bass and two step percussion.This will definitely bring a summer time vibe  whatever you’re doing. 
While we wait for the release date of this track, why not listen to more of G Smallz music below.Music on Spotify
Going Crazy By DJ G Smallz

I need 98 – Instrumental By DJ G Smallz

Best Friend Bubble By DJ G Smallz

Satvia By Justyn Cousins and DJ G Smallz

From house parties to newham borough festivals to notting hill carnival growing up and performing in the garage heyday with soon to be Grime legends such as Crazy Titch – Mak 10 – Marcus Nasty – Maximum – Sharky Major & Stormin , Dj G Smallz has also Made a Cameo appearance in Uk Legend Kano’s Music video for T Shirt Weather In The ManorHad Music productions played By UK Legend Donaeo , American & Global House & Garage Legend Todd The God Edwards & UK Garage & Dub step Pionner El-B Groove Chronicles in events and on Radio stations such as Radio 1Xtra – Rinse Fm – Flex FmHe’s Performed at Kisstory with Dj Luck , Mc Neat & Master Stepz
Performed on Stage with
Rnb Superstar Ashanti (Murder Inc)General levy (Incredible)The Artful DodgerDj Luck & Mc NeatWayne Marshall (G Spot)So Solid Crew Harvey-Romeo-Lisa MafiaRose Windross (Soul ii Soul)Dapper Laughs (Comedian)Ghetts (Grime Legend)Baby D (let me be your fantasy)Bushkin & Mighty Moe Heartless CrewThe Godfather Mc CreedEgypt (in the morning)Slim The ComedianNorris Da Boss WindrossPied Piper (Do you really like it?)Dj PioneerDj Colin Francis (Love Island)Frisky Dj (Radio Legend)Mc Kie (Fly-Bi)Mc VapourPlus many more.